October 20, 2020

Alien Shooter 2 Legends – First Look/Preview

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About the game (From the steam page) :

Meet the completely reworked legendary game loved by millions of players worldwide!
Alien Shooter 2 – the Legend is an ambitious follow-up to the famous Alien Shooter series.
It offers a huge game world, deep RPG system and a great variety of weapon types and equipment.
You’re about to follow the mysterious story from the very beginning – the moment when the monsters appeared on the MAGMA corporation’s secret base. You will take part in global battles for the survival of mankind.

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Special thanks to Vizix for the outro!

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  • F chicos, este juego tiene un cambio radical y se explica en la versión de alien shooter 2 reloaded al final y se los dejo ahí.

  • I just hooked up an old desktop that I hadn’t touched since 2015. I had forgotten that I had Alien shooter 2 on it. I’m been playing the crap out of the game.

  • I honestly prefer this to be free additional content along side with its og version similar to to what crimsonland reboot did on steam.They included the 2003 versions so that the reboot have both products Incase if you’re not satisfied.

  • Alien Shooter 2 the legend more like expand your map, more adventures, more weapons(different weapons in every base) , no ammo, not like the old Alien Shooter 2, and I just finished the first map, 3 more maps to go, and it took 2 days to finish the first map. and it's gonna be fun, more secret rooms and powerful weapons, but in the old one, I finished it in 1 day

  • They also have a free app version on the Google play store but they have microtransactions is this the same with PC version?

  • I feel like I should explain the title a little bit. This is by no means a full review as I haven't finished the game and you can't have a review without that. However, the game is also fairly linear and simple to the point that I've seen all the nuances and gameplay elements it has to offer at this point so it's a bit more than a simple first impressions video, as I'm a bit more informed on it. So basically this is between the two hence this kind of title.

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