June 14, 2020

Do these hints point to So Min? [Running Man Ep 500]

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  • I just think somin choose kwangsoo to eliminate first bcos of concern with kwangsoo feet..well they are bff..

  • I like the game they play in the first round but quite disappointed with the ending. it too simple… how can he just won like that…

  • I love the smart idea in this episode, but it is not perfect as 7012 number. Anyway, it is great if PD staff can think about another number or an image to represent all members together like a true family. I'm not a hate fan of Somin or Sechan, but the way the PD staff can help them to become one indispensable member will be more meaningful.

  • I knew it was Somin when the pd mentioned that there's a spy/greedy one. Her human-sized board during the opening gave me a hunch so the revelation did not surprise me hahahaha

  • Why are this comment always dragging one after another member.I always love all of them,no matter current member or old member.Should true runningman fans loved all of them no matter who's whose.

  • Se Chan's reaction though when Haha swears at him🤣🤣 I laugh way too hard than I should,both of them were genuinely shocked

  • The episode some what reminded me of China episode years back… When Jihyo was the main person and except JK no one knew abt it… One classic episode 😅

  • Running man without invite Yoo jae suk Wife not happy, so Yoo jae suk must got suprise is famous funny

  • If i am a spy in rm. The one I will eliminate first is Haha. He is so sharp and intuitive when getting hints.

  • TO ALL GENUINE FANS of the show Running Man, the members, the crew, please constantly send supportive and encouraging words to the OFFICIAL ig and the members’ ig. We all know how toxic the official RM ig comments section are.

    Running man has been around for 10yrs, 500 episodes. This show is not easy to produce. The members get hurt, the cameramen had to endure tough situations and even tripped and fell, PDs had to run through mud, editing team has to consider a worldwide audience. They have been going through this for 10yrs now. As audience, we laugh and majority didn’t even have to spend money to stream the show.

    Before it’s too late, as a Runner (is this the name for the fan base? Hahaha), pls protect them from hurtful comments by doubling the loving comments on ig. We all know how dangerous hate comments can be and lead to. Pls encourage and remind each other to leave some love for the members on their ig pages after every episode! ❤️

  • It’s funny how all the hints were pointing to Somin but the hints also happens to accidentally match the other members as well😆

  • I love this concept where they still keep the traditional tag ripping game without injured the members. Btw such a plot twist from jeon Somin! I miss her already

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