November 19, 2020

How To Install Android SDK Platform Tools Only (For Fastboot Commands)

This video will show how to install Android SDK Platform Tools only. Go this route if you simply need Android SDK for rooting, unlocking bootloader, or fastboot command purposes. You do not need the entire giant Android SDK Studio install if your goal is any of those three things.

Android SDK Download Link:

Neat Stuff you can do with Android SDK Platform Tools:

Auto Power on When USB Cable is Plugged in

Turn Your Old Android Phone/Tablet into the Ultimate Car GPS

Tutorial is Basically as follows:
1. Download Android SDK Platform Tools Only zip
2. Extract zip file
3. Open extracted folder
4. Double Click SDK Manager.exe
5. Install
6. Go to newly created Platform Tools Folder
7. Shift and Right click in an empty part of the folder
click open command window
8. Enter Fastboot Commands


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  • This method described here will work only with the very old versions of Eclipse. Now Android developers have stopped ADT Plugin. If you try to install the old versions of ADT plug in, with the latest versions of Eclipse like Eclipse 2020-3 it will not install since they are not compatible with the latest Eclipse. As far as the SDK tools are concerned, the exe versions of the installer is not being provided. A command line SDK Manager comes with the present version of Android SDK. Installing that using that command line tool is a Herculean task and you will go mad !!. You can try and see . Try to install latest version of Android SDK tools with latest Eclipse !!!

  • IMPORTANT – For those not finding the SDK Manager now, there is an additional step. See

  • Bro, you need to update us on the SDK Tools thing, the program has been updated, and the files a slimmed, there's no longer an SDK_Manage, it's a direct emulator.

  • jeeeez…. why its so messed up to install Adroid SDK? Its like my 4th vid to help me out and nothing actually works so far

  • can i root the devices using this method right c the thing is i forgot to install the boot loader in my device will i was rooting can i install the boot loader using this method right please help me to reach in there i have only the software brick so please help me


  • try this link.. ….and skip to 3.10 video

  • Hi there, I was following your video guide for converting my s4 to dash cam, i installed the sdk tools and I am trying to make a connection bw s4 with pc via fastboot (to enter the command for ''charge 0''). I have got the developer options/ usb debugging ON, but when i enter the boot mode on s4 (volume up+ home+ power), and then enter command in 'Platform tools', the command prompt gives "waiting for device" and nothing further. can you help me get through this on s4?

  • do you have earlier version sdk manager in which include google play service libs / if you have please send me link

  • great guide but android sdk is not available separately anymore , but i found it here

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