May 9, 2021

HTML isn’t done! (Chrome Dev Summit 2019)

Let’s go back in time a bit. Remember when word was out that we were going to get new HTML elements? I don’t know about you, but I was so excited. After years of building the same tabset over and over, I thought, I’m done! Surely they’ll see that tabs are one of the most common elements in *every design system ever*. Imagine my disappointment. ‘aside’, ‘article’, and their friends seemed so disconnected from the problems I was solving every day. I had no problem with them, I just didn’t need them.

Since then, I have held onto the core belief that HTML shouldn’t be finished. Design Systems have been innovating and lighting the path forward for HTML for a long time. The web platform is now ready to pave those cow paths and extend HTML. And we need your help with these brand new shiny components!

Presented by: Nicole Sullivan, Greg Whitworth

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  • Previous version of time input can be simply focused and quickly updated using mouse wheel. Now it requires opening lookup, changing values by mouse wheel and then clicking outside control to accept changes.
    Two additional steps are required from user to set the time!!!
    Could you restore setting time by mouse wheel without opening lookup?

  • Isn't a toggle switch just a styled checkbox ? Why would you need a new element for that if you can easily style the checkbox

  • how about in 2019 we get a range slider that has two handles option for min/max which is used on many websites for price range/ quantity range and so on

  • Most of the user interactive (buttons, inputs..) elements were so outdated. This is a huge step forward already!

  • new tag <google/> was introduced. A page won't function in chrome without that tag. The tag sends all your information to google servers

  • We should be able to style alt text, making it more convenient to make accessible pages.

    Also, we should be able to define the amount of visible options in a drop-down list, and a decimal value should be valid. If I have more options in a drop-down list then I am able to show at once, I want to give a visual clue by only revealing half of the last visible option. (E.g. <select size="9.5"> would result in a drop-down list with 10 visible options where the last of them is only half visible)

  • We already have the <label> element, which can be completely customized while masking the <input type="file"/> element. Toggle switches? Really? We already have <input type="checkbox"/>. UITableView and lazily loading <table>s makes sense, but we have far more pressing matters like figuring out how to style <input type="date"/> on touch devices.

    It seems to me like the Chrome/Microsoft team are trying to add features that will only get used, and not features that will help those who get left behind (the real negligence of accessibility). Maybe instead of trying to add fancy bells and whistles (a la Pete Hunt's undoing of web standards), the team(s) can focus on delivering the long-awaited features we were promised almost a decade ago with HTML 5: <meter>, <input type="range"/>, and <input type="date"/>.

  • Just ensure widgets/components/whatever are bounding boxed correctly and give us access to style everything of relevance widths, heights, borders, scrollbars etc… All/most of the input elements are a 1990s mess and need removing and re-coding with css3 styling in mind. Probably a good idea to make a new form tag or something to ensure legacy elements/forms/components don't break and are available and fully functional and look as they always do for years to come.

  • It's nice to see Microsoft and Google collaborate. If the form element have good UI, that will save me lots of CSS code.

    For now Bootstrap to the rescue.

  • All you have to do is to make select menu to be rendered with browser and not operation system (this will enable styling it with css)

  • Why don't work with Firefox too, if you want to really make a standard then you should get in touch with all the browser developers, having a lead on browser usage doesnt give you the right to do things alone and push the others to follow with a bad implementation, work together and freaking fix browser specific attributes and labels before styling forms, please…

  • Yes… let's give the radio button its own tag – radio – with nested option tags like select and get rid of the name parameter completely and just use id to collect form data…

  • I'm too much excited for the future.. Cuz you see a lot a fields are seeing innovation which we never expected of… AI improvements to Native like experience in Web applications… What else lies ahead in the future…😲😲😊

  • The problem is the elements you have 'updated for touch' actually wind up sucking for those using a cursor. And this is really to placate some Windows and Chromebook users who have decided to build a hybrid cursor/touch system. It really winds up being a solution that is really not optimised for either.

  • Someone educate me: why add toggle-switch when we already have checkbox? What can we do with toggle-switch that we can't with checkbox?

  • The before is better than the after for meter, why would they even think that after is better? It is tiny and bland.

  • file element's content is not changable even File API. I have to send file content to server apart from main form post. no way to pick image using form file element and crop client side and modify form file element using cropped image content.

  • Could it be? Microsoft helping design the web for the future, instead of holding it back? Are the IE days ending?

  • I typically disable all WebKit styling, even with these changes due to cross-browser UI fugliness.

    I'd like more functionality over design changes. Like a range slider that accepts two handles. And built-in radial progress bars, built-in charts (pie, bar, etc.). Progress bars that display numbers (is possible with pseudos in Firefox if I remember correctly).

    Disabling the auto fill styling on Chrome: If I have a black background input and it auto fills, it turns white.. the only way to fix that is kind of a hack (not telling in case you're doing this on purpose).

    Multiple input <datalist>s that work with more than emails. This only works with emails.

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