January 6, 2021

Link to MyASUS Quick introduction | ASUS

The Link to MyASUS feature is a handy tool that’s part of the MyASUS app. It seamlessly integrates your ASUS PC with your mobile devices, boosting your productivity and allowing easier multitasking. A series of features enables you to transfer files or links quickly and wirelessly between devices, control your phone from your PC, use your mobile device as a secondary display, or access local PC files remotely from your phone. Link to MyASUS simplifies your life!

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Nguồn: https://melhornconstruction.com

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  • Concept itself is great, almowst like the apple ecosystem. but looks like its in beta or alpha now. Cant connect, works unstable, lags and the app is not well optimized

  • donwside a bit as need to use the same wifi channel
    As iM thinking either to get expertbook or matebook.
    instant share funtion was my 1st priority

  • All of these features are blocked from working on laptops with 8th gen processors, not even the clipboard sharing feature, not for any technical reason but out of pure greed and corner cutting measurements from asus. My laptop is 1 year old and there's no reason to make it incompatible with the updated myasus

  • Link to MyAsus is not getting install in my HP Laptop with Windows 10 Home edition (1909 update). Please help.
    I need to connect my Asus 6Z with it.

  • Seriously? You couldn't make a version that is adaptable to older processors?
    * Link to MyASUS is only supported on devices using processors later than Intel® 10th Generation and AMD® Ryzen 4000 series.

  • I have a HTC m10 and I tried to link with my Asus laptop but I did not work. Maybe someone can help me.

  • Definitely a step in the right direction. However, the app crashes or freezes my phone a lot (not that old, it's a GalaxyNote-9).
    With some polish and love, this can definitely compete with Microsoft and Samsung's phone-companion apps.

    Any plans to integrate Fingerprint-Login with this though? Also, please allow us to choose whether the device is rotated or not, it messes up when it goes onto the second display screen of the AsusDuo. Dark Mode would also be very much appreciated.
    Thank you!

  • i just want zenphone 7
    with new snap 865
    6/8/10 gigs of ram
    128/256/512 gigs of rom
    brighter 90hz 6'5 LCD display
    better camera in same formfactor
    Asus plz do this and take my money!

  • You just Annoying us 😂.
    I have VivoBook S15 2018 variant and max pro m1 Smart Phone…
    You don't want to see, we use these features in our old devices…
    It's only for the latest ZenBook and VivoBook.
    And you also have an ASUS device running on "ZenUI" (or maybe ZenUI 6).

  • Good. https://www.xda-developers.com/myasus-update-enable-pc-screen-extender-android-smartphone/amp/

  • This feature is a part of MyAsus app right ?
    If yes then i can't see this feature listed in my Pc in the "MyAsus" Application…!!
    Can anyone help ?

  • Asus your product very good but your service senter is not soo goot you ask me why then call me this number 9088822118

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